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March 3 - 31, 2012

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INTERPRETING THE UNSEEN is a collaborative exhibition featuring contemporary artists AMANDA BARROW, APRIL DEMARCO and KERYN HUANG.  This exhibition is an homage to the consciousness of all things. Utilizing the mediums of painting, collage and photography, each artist explores through their artwork the subtle energies of the human experience and the invisible life force of the world around us.

Inspired by her travels to India, AMANDA BARROW’s Chakra Series illustrates her personal interpretation of the chakra system; the focal points for the reception and transmission of energies in our bodies.  The Transparency Series is a celebration of the inner power of all women. The layering of textiles signifies a woman’s innate ability to beautify, conceal, reveal, protect and heal.

APRIL DEMARCO’s paintings are guided solely by her intuition. Her abstract imagery communicates ideas of letting go, following our path and purpose, and the attainment of our full potential. 

KERYN HUANG’s photography evokes the contemplative expressiveness of the rural landscape.  The atmospheric, ethereal sceneries chronicle the transitory movement of clouds, the waning light of the oncoming night, the experiential changes of the seasons and most importantly, one’s reverence and intimate connection to the environment.

Presented at New York Open Center | 22 East 30th St. NY, NY 10016

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