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October 14 - November 11, 2010

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ELEMENTAL SOUL is a solo exhibition of photography by New York based artist, LORI LANDAU. This exhibition will run from October 14 - November 11,  2010.

Through the painterly lens of LORI LANDAU, nature manifests as a visual poem, becoming a medium for meditation and a conduit of light. Her photographs illuminate the impressionistic essence of water, wind and spirit. With deep reverence, Landau uses her camera to capture the elemental soul of her surroundings.

As a long-time practicing yogi and meditator, Landau is inspired by the Buddhist concept of interconnectedness. She is fascinated with intuitive, subliminal states, an interest that leads her to seek dreamlike thresholds that link creativity and meditation. This focus takes her work to the edge of  abstraction, impelling the viewer to reorder preconceived notions of the seemingly familiar.

A spiritual nomad at heart, her photographs symbolize her exploration of sacred mystery.  Lori Landau believes everything in life is infused with creative energy. A professional journalist and poet whose work has appeared in a wide variety of magazines, Landau has long been inspired by the creative arts and spirituality. Her mixed-media work includes photography, collage, and sketches, as well as poetry and fiction.

Her photographs and artwork have appeared in galleries in the northeast. Her photographs will be featured in an upcoming show at the New York Open Center.  Landau is certified to teach meditation and yoga, and is the founder of conscious creativity workshops, that harness the power of Eastern Philosophies, meditation and visual, and language expression.

Presented at New York Open Center | 22 East 30th St. NY, NY 10016

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