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June 10 - July 15, 2012


1 WORLD, 1 FUTURE features selected works by CANNON HERSEY.  As an experienced world traveler and living abroad for a period of time, Cannon has always found it easy to amalgamate with varying cultures and societies.  Through his photography and printmaking artwork, he acquaints the viewer to the vibrancy, spirituality and soul of the places he has visited and inhabited.

In 1 WORLD, 1 FUTURE, Cannon asserts his belief in the actualization of a unified global community, embracing all societal, cultural and religious differences to create a positive co-dependency.  This exhibition showcases selected photography from the Silk Route series and silk screen prints from the Kokasi and Electric Organic series.


The SILK ROUTE series were taken between 1996 - 2000 during his excursions throughout China, India, Mongolia, Tibet and Nepal.  Referring to the historical network of interlinking trade routes between Asia and Europe, these photographs expose the meeting of religious landmarks and the rapidly changing global culture.  From 2006 - 2010, the photographs were then mounted on contemporary and antique textiles and artifacts from the regions to signify the past colliding with the future.

In 1996, Cannon took a journey of a life time, hitchhiking throughout Africa’s southern region stopping at Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa.  South Africa has now become a second home, visiting the region 15 times.  The KOKASI series, a slang term meaning "In the Community", were taken in Kliptown, one of the poorest communities in South Africa where the Freedom Charter was drawn to end apartheid and create a new South Africa.  This series was inspired by the courage of South Africans in their perseverance to combat identity issues, economic hardship and racial inequality.


The ELECTRIC ORGANIC series evolved through Cannon’s exploration of the illusions of reality.  Utilizing his photographic images as a starting point and with his desire to take the impermanence (photography, as it fades with time) to a state of permanence (in ink), Cannon felt compelled to design abstracted silk screen works.  The breaking down of reality is rendered by his use of brilliant and bold colors, lines and forms – the very expression of his unyielding optimism that art is a vital form of communication in enabling healing and connection beyond borders. 

Presented at New York Open Center | 22 East 30th St. NY, NY 10016

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