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Influenced by a range of artists, from Cezanne to De Kooning, Iranian artist Moshgan Rezania's work reflects a deep connection to nature and a relentless pursuit of creative expression. As an artist embracing plein air painting and exploring the world of color, Moshgan primarily works with oil to achieve the intensity and texture she desires. Over time, her artistic journey has led her from Expressionism to Abstract Expressionism, where acrylic has become a new medium of exploration, adding depth and luminosity to her work.

Moshgan embarked on her path as a professional artist amidst the tumultuous aftermath of Iran's 1979 cultural revolution, a time when public universities shuttered their doors. Opting for enrollment at the Kamalolmolk School of Fine Arts, a private institution that remained open, she found fertile ground for her artistic journey under the tutelage of Saeed Broomand. Broomand, who had recently returned from two decades in Europe, imparted upon her a fusion of Western artistic sensibilities, granting her the liberty of uninhibited expression. In 1986, Moshgan made the pivotal move to New York City, where she pursued further artistic development at Hunter C
ollege, fully immersing herself in the vibrant creative milieu of the city. Presently, Moshgan lives and works in Westchester, New York.

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