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Drawing from Alchemical and related Qabalistic traditions, Judith Ostrowitz employs symbolic elements to craft visionary landscapes that serve as visual representations of personal transformation and self-realization. In the creation process, Ostrowitz seamlessly merges traditional iconography derived from Alchemy, Qabalah, and Tarot with contemporary objects from everyday life. Her artwork is a fusion of paintings, drawings, and photographs, combined with scanned fabrics, stones, and other materials.

Manipulating imagery and various media, she employs Photoshop to transform these combinations into intricate "cartoons," which then serve as blueprints for her elaborate paintings or are adhered to Plexiglas, resulting in the creation of semi-transparent works. This cohesive approach in her artistic process allows Ostrowitz to seamlessly blend ancient traditions with modern elements, producing unique and captivating visual narratives.

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