T.A.G. (Teen Art Gallery)

Group Exhibition

July 07 – August 04, 2011

Lily Katz, Untitled, Digital Print, 2010.

Molly Lieberman, Seltzer & Smoke, Magazine Page w/ Micron Pen and Oil Paint Bar, 2010.

WuQing Hipsh, Time, Oil & Acrylic on Canvas, 2010.

Lily Katz, Untitled, Digital Print, 2010.



T.A.G. is dedicated to presenting the most highly creative, unique art produced by teens working in NYC today. A new venture, this teen-organized gallery premieres a carefully selected and diverse group of artists working in a variety of exciting mediums.

The brainchild of artist Audrey Banks, T.A.G. rebels against the frustration of an exclusive NYC art market to redefine who can be a working artist and provide the public with exposure to young artists in the prime of their creativity. Take this opportunity to view what tomorrow’s artists are creating today. www.TeenArtGallery.org

​Presented at New York Open Center | 22 East 30th St. NY, NY 10016