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Cat Huss is an American contemporary painter and mixed media artist whose quest for self-discovery and understanding of the world fuels her creativity. By layering rich colors and simple, almost minimal forms, she expresses her impressions of a layered life filled with wonder, mystery, curiosity, and a quest for truth in herself and others.

Her artistic process is meditative. She alternates between zooming in on the details of her inner self and the world around her, and zooming out to see the bigger picture, striving to make sense of it all. This journey of discovery and self-challenge shapes her work, influenced by her time in nature where her best thinking occurs. Her work becomes a self-portrait, reflecting her internal struggles and triumphs, ultimately evolving into a shared human experience.

Huss’s paintings often begin with multiple layers of poured paint, creating a blend of colors, densities, and vibrancy. As the painting evolves, she refines it by adding rough geometric shapes, bringing order to the composition and further articulating her exploration of self and surroundings.

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